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We answer your property investment questions.

If you want to get started in property investment but don’t know where to begin, book a consultation session with us. At Consult Property, we pride ourselves on being the go-to advisors for property investors starting on their journey.

Whether you’re thinking of buying, building, developing, extending, flipping, investing, renting or HMOs – but you’re drowning in questions, give us a call.

Our team of seasoned experts brings decades of hands-on experience to help you navigate the path ahead and to make things clear, easy to understand and legally compliant.

Save time. Ask the experts.

Don’t go it alone. Opt for a one-hour consultation with one of our experts and get all your property questions answered. We’re here to get your investment journey off to a solid start.

Get clarity

If you’re overwhelmed with questions about property investment, book a session. We’ll clear up any confusion and set you on the right course.

Decades of experience

We have decades of practical experience as landlords, property investors, property developers and planning consultants.

Help with strategy

We can help you develop an investment plan and to make wise and prudent decisions that keep you safe no matter the economic environment.


Avoid scam seminars

You don’t need to pay thousands to learn how to invest in property. (Even if you don’t use our service, please don’t attend a property seminar!)


Do things correctly

We can advise you on how to stay compliant and on the right side of the law. We help you avoid expensive mistakes and legal fallout.

A network of experts

Besides property experts, we also have access to architects, planning consultants, estate agents, legal experts and financial advisers.

Take action

Why spend weeks or months learning through costly trial and error when the keys to your property-investment success are right here?

Instead of wasting time and money on guesswork, book a session with us and get your questions answered. This isn’t just a consultation — it’s your fast-track ticket to skip the costly mistakes and jumpstart your journey towards a thriving property-investment business.

Let’s get started!

I spent five times the amount on a so-called property expert before finding Consult Property. Tony answered my questions and highlighted serious flaws that the previous “expert” had advised. Recommended.

Jennifer K

I was ready to quit my plans to be a property investor as it was all so confusing. An hour session with Consult Property got all my questions answered and more!

Isaac T